This composition fairly easy formulated has been thought taking advantage from high quality raw material plants satisfying horse energetic requirements during athletic activity. It has been chosen to add ready-made sugars so that they can be used immediately by the horse as a power source. Essential amino acids (i.e. carnitine, etc) allow the developing of muscular masses obtaining a pleasant athletes conformation. Designed for those who are subjected to upper-middle level of working load where energetic effort arrives at the maximum grade without acid growth. Our technical staff is available for providing you personalized suggestions on how achieve an higher level of performance and for challenging workload through the utilization of other products of our range.

In addition to the verified and already well-known nutritional value of these formulas they have been integrated with a percentage of “yucca” extracts. In the livestock sector that plant finds widely use in the production of pet animals food (dogs, cats and ferrets) seeing that it is a gut functionality regulator. Beneficial property of this phyto derivative is mainly represented in the capability of relieving the orthopedic problems that affecting vaulting horses (arthritis, tendinitis, etc.). The saponins percentage provided by “yucca” grants the improvement of gastrointestinal transit identifying the water particles in the gut. There is subsequently a preventative effect in regard to colic syndrome.

€ 17,50