This feed formulation has been created in order to prevent allergic problems arising to horses particularly sensitive to powders inhalation, as well as thanks to the presence of grains useful to compensate both fiber and energy requirements. We are placing on the market a cubed hay already enriched with an energy content of carbohydrates (barley, oats, maize, etc.) plus an electrolyte and trace element integration, all blended with right molasses with the dual purpose of providing easy-to-use sugar and the mechanical function of catching powder.

The product compactness extends the consumption period by the horse besides increasing the saliva production, which is very useful for digestive processes. Moreover, in the sporting horse world, this feeding can be destined to those that are undergoing to heavy work and are already fed with high levels of hyper-energetic foods to facilitate the correct production of intestinal biomass. The addition of active yeast in the product is also very helpful in restoring the digestive balance in those horses that do not produce faeces.