Thanks to continuous researches executed by our laboratories, feedstuff recipe was improved by adding an herbal preparation and amino acids complex. All tests carried out on horses taken part of Endurances or athletes have showed significant amelioration during the maximum effort stage in the following categories: trot, gallop, and other various disciplines such as quarter horse, reining, team penning etc.

“Rhodiola rosea” is a phytoterapeutic with optimal adapting capabilities: every type of stress can be easily corrected, both metabolic that environmental and finds a large exploitation even for human diet integration permitting better athletic performance in various sporting disciplines. I has been proved that the basal metabolism amelioration is useful to slow down the acid lactic growth with consequently an improvement of the athletic efficiency.

“B-alanina e L-istidina” is an amino acid mixture denominated “Muscofort” supplemented for responding to metabolic needs. Extremely common used in human sports medicine this type of integration is able to help also horses to better facing the muscle troubles.

Our research technical staff is available for providing specifications for all these products to those who wish to go deeply into their characteristics.

In addition to the verified and already well-known nutritional value of these formulas they have been integrated with a percentage of “yucca” extracts. In the livestock sector that plant finds widely use in the production of pet animals food (dogs, cats and ferrets) seeing that it is a gut functionality regulator. Beneficial property of this phyto derivative is mainly represented in the capability of relieving the orthopedic problems that affecting vaulting horses (arthritis, tendinitis, etc.). The saponins percentage provided by “yucca” grants the improvement of gastrointestinal transit identifying the water particles in the gut. There is subsequently a preventative effect in regard to colic syndrome.

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