Feedstuff to be used before the competition. Riding horse athletic preparation involves a phase of specific training designed for obtaining the energetic assimilation needed during the various activities through the exploiting of nutrition elements accumulated. A right quantity of fats, carbohydrates and proteins as a result become essential to athletes for facing the metabolic stress caused by athletic practice. With the scope of creating a champion it is therefore important as well as the above mentioned energetic cycle adding a further stage said “finishing” during which the vital work of refining is carried out by the trainer before each sport event. Depending on discipline, it should be considered 5 or 6 days between the event and the working phases in question. Basically Gold Starter is designed to fully recover the lack of energy occurred during last work phase and also to bring back the metabolic level to the peak enabling the horse facing the competition. In compliance with recent doping legislation, without any other drug administration and also optimizing the stable ergonomics, through just one giving of this complete food, “Gold Starter” will provide to athletes: – all valuable sugars avoiding the risk of producing lactic acid (Maltodextrines – Ribose), – all the amines of elevated biological value for helping cellular function (Taurine, Creatine, Carnitine), – plants processing products facilitating the respiratory system, – ready-made electrolytes to prevent deficiency (Flutter diaphragmatic) High cost of this feed is completely legitimate from the fact that no others products shall be necessarily administered. In addition to the verified and already well-known nutritional value of these formulas they have been integrated with a percentage of “yucca” extracts. In the livestock sector that plant finds widely use in the production of pet animals food (dogs, cats and ferrets) seeing that it is a gut functionality regulator. Beneficial property of this phyto derivative is mainly represented in the capability of relieving the orthopedic problems that affecting vaulting horses (arthritis, tendinitis, etc.). The saponins percentage provided by “yucca” grants the improvement of gastrointestinal transit identifying the water particles in the gut. There is subsequently a preventative effect in regard to colic syndrome.

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