In sporting horse nutrition are widely utilized energetic concentrates, formulated essentially with carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These substances provide a kind of ready-to-use energy but hardly to accumulate in muscle storage sites. “Happy Horse” experimenting working group studied Endurance’s recipe taking it into seriously consideration. Vegetal derivatives are used for offering the body the ability to assimilate energy in the form of glycogen useful in maximum muscular stress occurring during anaerobic effort. Easy-assimilation fiber plants and maltodextrine make Endurance particularly suitable for supplying energy being spread over time useful dealing with protracted work. A widespread mistake among horse operators is considering as “speed” a race that takes about 1 minute and engages the horse on a 1000(one thousand) meters course, nothing more wrong! All races after 400 (four hundreds) meters are considered as a “bottom” type therefore ENDURANCE is absoluterly the appropriate and excellence product to cover the energetic deficiency and delaying the lactic acid production for all various disciplines and distances. In addition, it was chosen to integrate the product with a dry extract of Rhodiola rosea, plant with the most suitable adaptogenic properties. Others plants belonging to this category such as ginseng and Eleuterococco but using Rhodiola rosea we obtained the greater feedback from the horses without having any exciting effect that would have caused a more difficult management for the athlete. Thanks to Endurance by adapting doses to needs management costs will be considerable limited. Our technical service will provide you with all the information needed for achieving the optimum ergonomic management by the best utilization of this product.