Chondroitin sulphate should be considered as a new supplement to the existing rich and complete integration given by trace elements and minerals, especially being the perfect complement for articular cartilage developing. It becomes essential starting from the fifth month of pregnancy when broodmares requirements rise up to top levels, besides has been demonstrated that it helps growing up an athlete since its birth. Its fixing to bone growth areas is needed for prevention of bone problems such as: osteochondritis, chips and inflammation of the epiphysis discs. On a biologically basis, our horses should be considered foals till the age of 4-years-old! Our innovative formulation is strongly recommended also to injured athletes who had orthopedic surgery and for whom trace elements and cartilage materials are fundamental on high levels. When the path followed is that of an excessive weight gain improving, against having the appropriate mineral and trace elements assimilation, the consequence is creating “great looking” horses but on an orthopedic aspect very fragile ones. The alga “SPIRULINA” is considered our flagship for professional nutrition. Properties of such algal are notoriously recognized. The high protein content of this vegetal aliment owns identified immunostimulants-immunomodulators characteristics and the acknowledged capacity of pigments fixing to the appendages disorders. In addition to the verified and already well-known nutritional value of these formulas they have been integrated with a percentage of “yucca” extracts. In the livestock sector that plant finds widely use in the production of pet animals food (dogs, cats and ferrets) seeing that it is a gut functionality regulator. Beneficial property of this phyto derivative is mainly represented in the capability of relieving the orthopedic problems that affecting vaulting horses (arthritis, tendinitis, etc.). The saponins percentage provided by “yucca” grants the improvement of gastrointestinal transit identifying the water particles in the gut. There is subsequently a preventative effect in regard to colic syndrome.

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