In such a competitive sector, experience makes the difference, especially when it is combined with the company's desire to grow constantly. Our activity is complete and diversified to satisfy every customer need. All our staff is made up of highly skilled industry specialists, to be able to offer only high quality products and services. Operations control, staff experience and a safe and hygienic work environment represent a significant added value for our customers.


Our company bases its values based on professionalism, punctuality, reliability and efficiency of service delivery. In the relationship with customers we propose not only to offer an excellent product for nutritional quality and guarantee of safety, but also to offer a support and assistance service to help the farmer to make the most of its potential. Company performance is pursued in compliance with current regulations, based on pre-established and continuously correct objectives.


Our factories are very advanced facilities, which together with the long experience in the field, and the professionalism of our team, allows us to operate providing the best service to our customers. With a view to continuous development and improvement, the company uses the help of highly qualified food technicians to constantly monitor all the various stages of production, in order to always ensure highly qualified and competitive blends.


The in-house analysis laboratory specializes in chemical and microbiological analysis for the food industry. The added value of the offered activities derives from the timeliness of the service and from the competitiveness combined with the technical capacity to solve routine and extraordinary analytical problems.